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About Us

We are not just a company. We collectively are a fluid body that bends and flexes with the trends of our customers.

Our Story:

Like any good business story we began out of desperation and necessity. Without a great ability to find product we needed on a daily basis we decided to go out and find them, and make our problem go away. We felt that there are others with the same problem. So we went the extra step and tried to fill that void.

Living far from the conveniences of Los Angeles but having the tranquility of rural living we needed a better answer. So when we found an opportunity to start selling the tools we need we jumped at it.

Whether you are a mason, painter, or other subcontractor we are striving to be able to offer you the products we use. These products are tested everyday. They meet our needs. And we are confident they will meet yours.

Reliability. Merit. Safety.

We are passionate about the customer. The customer is the main singular focus and we show that in every aspect. We are conscious about minimizing our carbon footprint. We do not add what is unnecessary. You are the contributing factor that makes the brand RMS.

We are located in Long Beach California. We source products from all around the world to bring you the best price and quality. 

Contact us to find out more on beta testing and future customer promotions!

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